Course Programs

Master’s and a Doctoral study programs are designed to complete in four and six semesters, respectively. The students take all NRM required courses along with some elective courses from NRM Field of Study in order to meet the requirements for graduation. It is however possible that students can take elective courses in other fields of studies of AIT schools.

NRM FoS offers the current curriculum:

– Land Resource Management
– Biodiversity and Conservation
– NRM Issues for Asia
– Ecological Principles for NRM
– Research Design for NRM
– Integrated Natural Resources Planning and Policy
– Geospatial Techniques for NRM
– Forestry
– Integrated Land Use Systems
– Natural Resources Economics
– Natural Resources Degradation and Conservation
– Society and NRM
– Dynamic Modeling of Environmental Systems: Principles and Applications
– IFRI Research Methodology
– Land use and climate change
– Soil and water conservation for agro-environmental management

The complete NRM course curriculum is here.

In addition to course work, each student will undertake an independent research project in consultation with her/his thesis committee. Usually, this research is undertaken in the home country of the student and addresses an important issue related to the sustainable management of natural resources. Exceptional Master theses can lead to publication in international peer-reviewed journals. It is expected that all Ph.D. students will succeed in publishing their research in international venues.

There are two options for students for Master’s degree. These options are:

Thesis Study: Students are required to take course works for 26 credits and another 22 credits for thesis writing and defense

Research Study: Student are required to take course works for 36 credits and another 10 credits for report writing and defense

Students for doctoral degree are required to take course works for 18 credits and another 66 credits for dissertation writing and defense. In addition, students are required to publish at least once paper at a recognized scientific journal.

Depending on the needs, customized certificate course of 12 credits for one semester can also be arranged. Please contact coordinator ( for inquiry.

In addition, we have partnered in the region with Andalas University, Sumatra, Indonesia to offer Master’s degree program in Integrated Natural Resources Management. We are offering now a double-degree Master’s program in Natural Resources Management with Hanoi University of Agriculture, and Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry from Vietnam. We have collaborated with Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia for environmental science curriculum development and National University of Lao PDR for forestry curriculum development.