Current Students

List of Current Student and their Thesis Titles

Doctoral Students

Students and their Proposed Dissertations

Thesis Advisor: Prof. Rajendra P. Shrestha
1. Yutthaphong Kheereemangkla: Consequences of  Watershed Degradation on Watershed Ecosystem Services Using SWAT Model and Ecosystem Management Decision Support System in the Northeast Thailand. Published Article
2. Mohd. Saiful Akbar Mohamad Sahal: GIS-based Fuzzy Multicriteria Decision Making Approach for Oil Palm Yield Prediction in Malaysia
3. Kanda Sakayarote: Land use change from food crops to para rubber: Effects on smallholder farmers and food security in Northeast Thailand
4. Rehan Haq: Factors Affecting Waterbirds Abundance, Diversity and Richness in Bung Boraphet Marsh, Central Thailand
5. Kaewjai Oechaiyaphum: Effects of Agricultural Intensification on Soil Fertility and Economic Condition of Farm Household in the Northeast Thailand
6. Sumana Maneepitak: Effects of water and residue management on methane and nitrous oxide emission and carbon footprint from irrigated rice in the central plain of Thailand

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Nophea Sasaki
1. Qian Cheng: Effects of institutional arrangement on tourism development in China: A case study in World heritage Mountain Huangshan area. Published article 1, Published article 2
2. Md. Shariful Alam: Polder Management and Livelihood Adaptation in Coastal Bangladesh: A Study on Policy and Institutions. Published article.
3. Ratchaneewan Chuchird: Sustainable livelihood under agriculture-based traditional knowledge and technology for water management in Chaiyaphum province, Thailand
4. Sobia Asghar: Analysis of Irrigation Service Quality and Production Efficiency of Farmers in Central Punjab, Pakistan
5. Prompassorn Chunhabunyatip: Role of Indigenous Beliefs in the Management of Wetland Resource in Lower Songkhram River Basin, Thailand
6. Dong Yingping: Village-based Grass Social-ecological Systems and Its Sustainability in Peak-Cluster Karst of Southwestern China

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Nicolas Faysse
1. Xia Huang: Institutional Analysis of Water Resource Management in Rural Community of China Southwest Karst Area. Published article
2. Ma Kebu: Institutional Analysis of Watershed management in Nan-a watershed, Yunnan Province (China)
3. Surutwadee Pak-Uthai: Adaptation strategies to cope impacts of drought: public policies and farmers choice in Suphaburi province, Thailand

Master Students

Students and their Proposed Thesis

Thesis Advisor: Prof. Rajendra P. Shrestha
1. Nguyen Quang Huy: The impact of climate change on agricultural land use in Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh province of the Red River delta, Vietnam
2. Adchara Chinsorn: Detecting Land Use and Land Cover Change Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems for Analysis Effect of Shut and Open Pak Mun Dam,  Ubonratchathani Province, Thailand
3. Kamonporn Upakankaew: The Use of Remote Sensing Technique to Estimate Biomass and Carbon Stock in Samut Songkram Mangrove, Thailand
4. Suwanee Sala: Using Organic Matter to Improve Saline Soil: A Case Study on Paddy Field in Surin Province (North East Of Thailand)

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Nophea Sasaki
1. Vasan Narang: Managing University Campus Forests for Climate Change Mitigation – A Case Study in the AIT Campus
2. Asmita Poudel: Carbon Sequestration Potential of Oak Forest in the Temperate Region of Nepal
3. Usa Cherdchoo: Assessment of Forest Ecosystem Services for Local Community – A Case Study at the Ban Nong Mek Pattana Community Forest
4. Wu Szu Kuang: Managing University Campus Land for Bioenergy Production – A Case Study in AIT Campus
5. Kanjana Bunviboolvat: Estimation of Carbon-based Incentive for Early Action in Forest Sector in Thailand
6. Pronphan Pathase: Provisioning Services of On-farm Forestry for Sustainable Livelihood – A Comparative Study in Maha Sarakarm and Sakorn Nakhon provinces
7. Thanyalak Ratanadilok Na Phuket: Assessment of the Community Awareness towards Conservation of wetland – A Case study Samutsongkhram province

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Nicolas Faysse
1. Yadanar Swam Htet Kyaw: Assessment of Environmental and Socio-economic Impacts of Private Eucalyptus Plantation in Ywar Thit Gyi reserve forest, Sint Gu Township, Mandalay Region, Myanmar
2. Kassirin Phiboon: Assessment of Biodiversity and Livelihood in Organic Farming and Community Market Model: A Case Study of Nam-How Organic Farming Network, Chiang Mai Province

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Damien Jourdain
1. Le Truong Ngoc Han: Monetary value of forest ecosystem services in Cat Tien National Park, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam