NRM Mini Workshop 2018: GEE and Drone Applications

Applications of Google Earth Engine and Drone for Forest Carbon Measurement and Monitoring – Implications for the REDD+ Scheme

Date: 9 July 2018 from 9:00 – 11:00
Venue: Room S101, SERD at Asian Institute of Technology
Fees: No fee, no sponsor
Audiences: Anyone can participate. To allow for better arrangement of the classroom, please kindly register here.

Google Earth Engine (GEE) has been increasingly used for natural resources assessment and monitoring because of its huge data availability at no cost and tools for use at scale. Apart from GEE, drone has also been used for similar purposes as well as for biodiversity conservation. A combination of GEE and drone has been increasingly adopted for forest carbon measurement, forest carbon and health monitoring. This mini workshop is organized to introduce the latest applications of both technologies and discuss the future wider use of these applications for large-scale for in forest carbon measurement, carbon and health monitoring in the tropics. Results of the workshop could provide useful tools for monitoring REDD+ activities and accounting for carbon emission reductions and removals in tropical countries under the REDD+ scheme.

Four talks will be given followed by discussions:

A Google Earth Engine Practice for On-demand Land Cover Mapping
Speaker: Dr. Hiroyuki Miyazaki, RS-GIS, Asian Institute of Technology

Operational Forest Degradation Monitoring in Semi/Evergreen Forests using Google Earth Engine
Speaker: Dr. Andreas Langner, Joint Research Centre, Directorate D—Sustainable Resources, European Commission

Determination of Thresholds for Eight Land Use Categories in Cambodia using a Combination of Google Earth Engine and Remote Sensing Technologies
Speaker: Manjunatha Venkatappa, Dr. Nophea Sasak, Natural Resources Management, Asian Institute of Technology

Using Drone, Google Earth Engine and Remote Sensing Technologies for Forest Carbon Measurement – Results from two Case Studies in Thailand
Speaker: Dr. Nophea Sasaki, Manjunatha Venkatappa, Natural Resources Management, Asian Institute of Technology

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Organized by Natural Resources Management, Asian Institute of Technology

Dr. Nophea Sasaki
Associate Professor and Chair of NRM
Asian Institute of Technology