Why NRM?

AIT’s vision is to become a leading and a unique regional multicultural institution of higher learning, offering state of the art education, research and training in technology, management and societal development.

AIT’s Characteristics

• Postgraduate institute with strong research emphasis
• Internationality with an Asian orientation
• Interdisciplinary, agile academics
• Real-life development problems & industrial practice
• Capacity building for sustainable development
• Orientation towards professions
• Global network of partners (top international universities & research institutes)

AIT has unique multicultural environnent. We have awarded M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees to students from most South and Southeast Asian countries as well as from beyond this region. As an institute, AIT has an alumni body of over 15,000 from more than 80 countries/territories and more than 23000 short-term trainees from over 70 countries/territories. The current student body is dynamic and highly diverse representing more than 40 counties/territories. The faculty body is composed of 130 world class faculty from over 20 countries.

NRM Program alone has its alumni body of more than 20 Doctoral and 360 Master’s degree graduates from more than 20 countries in last 15 years. Managing natural resources requires interdisciplinary competency and hence NRM curriculum at AIT is uniquely designed by integrating different sciences (biophysical, spatial, political and socioeconomic) to provide necessary skills and tools needed for the Natural Resources Manager. We expect our graduates to be able to i) assess the natural resources and the environment through inventory, mapping and monitoring techniques; ii) analyze the problems, potentials, and perspectives through a broad spectrum of analytical methods from physical, social, economic, and political sciences; and iii) Develop and apply the solutions and alternatives through planning and management by integrating disciplines, spatial and time scales and stakeholders.