Natural resources are a key element of maintaining sustainable livelihoods and economies. Asia has a total population of 4.4 billion in 2015. About 38% of which, live in tropical region of South Asia and Southeast Asia, where annual population growth rate remains high at 1.3%. The majority of this population depends on natural resources for living. In addition to pressure from growing population, natural resources in South and Southeast Asia have faced the increasing threats from climate change. Furthermore, fast economic development and environmental pollution in China and natural disasters in Japan also pose great threat to sustainable development in Asia. Given difference in geographic settings, climatic condition, and socio-economic needs, managing natural resources in Asia remains a challenging task requiring capable human resources with multidisciplinary perspectives.

Natural Resources Management (NRM) program at the SERD, AIT has long experience providing excellent teaching and research supervision in the field of natural resources management, including but not limited to land use change, sustainable land management, forest management, biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation in agriculture, forestry and land use, community based natural resources management, REDD+ and climate policy, payment for ecosystem services and applications of geographic information technology to various aspects of natural resources management.

NRM is continuously revising and developing new courses to cope with the emergent problems such as climate change and unsustainable exploitation of natural resources. NRM students are equipped with a wide range of skills and techniques by recognized multi-cultural faculty from various backgrounds as our graduates poses high level of competency in performing natural resources assessment, analysing natural resources related problems and developing holistic solutions with adaptive management to the need of emerging needs.


Through a combination of teaching, research, fieldwork and outreach activities, the Natural Resources Management (NRM) seeks to develop professionals who can contribute to the sustainable use, management, and conservation of natural resources from various perspectives. Prospective students are encouraged to contact coordinator or advisor (s) of his/her field of interest if you have any question.