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Message from Chair of NRM Program

Welcome and thank you for visiting the website of Natural Resources Management academic program at the Department of Development and Sustainability, School of Environment, Resources, and Development, Asian Institute of Technology.

As we know, natural resources are the basis of livelihoods and economies of every nation, particularly in Asia. Unfortunately, overexploitation of natural resources and the increasing demand of the growing population has posed great concerns over the future availability of our natural resources. Another threat to natural resources is the climate change, whose impacts on Southeast Asian economy alone would cost about 11% of the GDP by 2100. Addressing the issues of overexploitation and increasing demand for natural resources coupled with climate change in the culturally, socially and politically rich, and biophysically diverse Asia requires professionals with in-depth knowledge and understanding of interdisciplinary sciences. NRM program positions itself to face the challenges of the natural resources management, with particular focus on Asian region.

The complex nature of NRM issues requires a broad range of skills and techniques ranging from the social to the physical sciences. NRM program aims to train the professionals in contemporary topics, ranging from the assessment of stocktaking of terrestrial and coastal resources, natural economics, sustainable use and governance to climate change mitigation and adaptation through interdisciplinary approaches. Through teaching, research and outreach activities, the NRM program seeks to develop professionals who can contribute to sustainable management and conservation of natural resources, including terrestrial and coastal resources.

The NRM FoS is known for its diversity of recognized faculty having expertise in community-based natural resources management, forestation and forestry, integrated land management, biodiversity conservation, climate mitigation and adaptation, valuation of ecosystem services, and low-carbon development projects. We provide education and research opportunities toward obtaining the Master and Ph.D. degrees in Natural Resources Management. As technologies developed and more and more data became available, NRM also focus its research and education on using data technologies and technovation to assist decision making in natural resources management, development and sustainability.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the beautiful campus of AIT.

Thank you.


Dr. Nophea Sasaki
Associate Professor and NRM Chair